Alpine Ski World Cup Sochi-2012


We have the pleasure to invite you to Russia's First-ever Alpine Ski World Cup held under the aegis of the FIS (International Ski Federation) as part of the Test Events in preparation for the 2014 Sochi Olympics. Competitions in Men’s disciplines will take place on February 11-12, 2012. Competitions in Ladies’ disciplines will take place on February 18-19, 2012.

Venue: Rosa Khutor Ski Center, Krasnaya Polyana, Sochi.

Dates of competitions:

February 10, 19:00 – The opening of the World Cup Stage Men’s competitions, Public Draw;

February 11, 12:00 – Downhill, Men;

February 12, 11:00 and 14:00 – Super combined, Men;

February 17, 19:00 – The opening of the World Cup Stage Ladies’ competitions, Public Draw;

February 18, 13:00 – Downhill, Ladies;

February 19, 11:00 and 14:00 – Super combined, Ladies;


Ticket Categories and prices (per person for single type of event):

bilet-gl-wc-sochi-2012Category AA (Men's Disciplines)                                 10,700 rubles

Category A (Men's Disciplines)                                     7,700 rubles

Category AA (Ladies’ Disciplines)                                 8,500 rubles

Category A (Ladies’ Disciplines)                                   6,400 rubles

Category B (Men's and Ladies’ Disciplines)                    1,700 rubles

Category C-Youth (Men's and Ladies’ Disciplines)             850 rubles
(For spectators born 1996-2002)

Special provisions:


  • Category A and AA tickets owners (both for Men's and Ladies’ Disciplines) may attend the Opening Ceremony and the Public Draw on February 10 and 17 respectively;
  • Category AA tickets owners (both for Men's and Ladies’ Disciplines) may attend the V.I.P. tent with food and beverages for the value included in the ticket;
  • Tickets of all categories are individual passes and are issued at a SPORTEVENT office upon producing the printed electronic voucher issued by the Automated System automatically after approval of the personal details of each individual spectator, including non-Russian citizens. Please allow one to four days for the background check of your personal details. The background check is required due to the attendance of the World Cup by the country's top-level officials and a large number of spectators, as well as due to the test-run of the security system at the Krasnaya Polyana Olympic sites before the Olympic Games. When the application review period ends, a notification on the review result is sent to the spectator's e-mail address or mobile phone. You should obtain your original individual ticket in exchange for the voucher in a SPORTEVENT office or directly from the cash desk of the Rosa Khutor Ski Center prior to the event;
  •   Your ticket is only valid with a passport of citizen of Russian Federation or foreign citizen passport and may not be transferred to third parties.
  • Children under 14 years old must be accompanied by an adult. Children aged 14 and older must present a passport (in case their names are not included in the passport of the accompanying parent).
  • Spectators must keep their tickets throughout their presence in the event area and present them on demand to a controller, security officer or a member of the Organizing Committee;
  • Administration is eligible to deny any spectator’s access to the venue without explanation;
  • The Organizing Committee provides spectators with free of charge shuttle vehicles for the transfer from Rosa Khutor's lower base to the Rosa Khutor Olympic site;
  • After each race , inside the Mzymta Dvor complex at the Rosa Khutor’s lower base, Russian and foreign spectators will be able to attend APRES SKIafterparty. After the Downhill event (Ladies) on February 18, the Après-ski events will take place in the Sberbank's complex «Gornaya Caroussel» and will featureThe Red Rocks” Rock Festival of celebrity musicians, where spectators will be taken by free shuttle vehicles from the Rosa Khutor's lower base. You can receive any additional information from the SPORTEVENT company representatives.





At the office of SPORTEVENT or over its e-mail below you can order a full-service package with accommodation in Krasnaya Polyana . To stay in Adler or Sochi, you would need to arrange for your accommodation separately.

Please note that the number of rooms in the hotels of Krasnaya Polyana and Esto-Sadok villages is extremely limited for the period of January-February-March 2012 (during the Test Events), since the hotels will accommodate a huge number of world-known athletes, judges, doctors and the teams staff from all over the world. Therefore, please make your room reservation in advance.


Official ticket partner:


OFFICE: 6/1, Luzhnetskaya Naberezhnaya, office 216, Moscow, 119270, Russia 

Tel.: +7(495)724-09-04,





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