Snowboard World Cup Moscow-2012

Snowboard World Cup Moscow-2012

As usual, on March 3, 2012 Snowboard World Cup parallel event will be held in Moscow.

Snowboard World Cup PSL event in Russian capital will be held under the sign of figure “3”: Men and Ladies events are scheduled on the 3rd day of the 3rd month i.e. March 3, 2012. It will be held in Moscow 3rd time in a row and 3rd time in a new place.

It’s worth mentioning that Russia is by no means a new point on the map of Snowboard World Cup PSL competitions. Prior to this event in Moscow four World Cup events in this discipline were held in Russia, beginning from 2005: two in St. Petersburg and two in Moscow region. But from 2010 Russian PSL event has found its place and settled in Moscow.

It’s also worthy of note that before this “move” happened Russian athletes didn’t see any major success on their native soil. Only on March 6, 2010, when for the first time Moscow event was held on an artificial ramp in Vorobyovy Hills, our parallel slalom athletes achieved first results to be considered as starting point for major success in homeland.

This achievement belongs to then 19 years old junior Alena Zavarzina, future 2011 senior PGS World Champion. Young and gifted snowboarder who had brilliant season and had won several World Cup events was able to fight her way into the semifinals and almost won bronze medal. It will be recalled that the first event in Moscow was carried by Austrian National Team. Doris Gunter was placed 1st, Heifi Neururer was placed 2nd and Julia Dujmovits was placed 3rd. Unfortunately, our men had much less success than ladies. Stas Detkov was placed 15th and Andrey Sobolev was placed 16th. Aaron Marh from Italy was placed 1st, Benni Carl form Austria was placed 2nd and his fellow-countryman Roland Fishnaller was placed 3rd.

And then in the last season our countrymen have finally achieved long-awaited victory on their soil, when Katya Tudegesheva, who confidently won that event, also won Snowboard World Cup. Our men also looked much better that season when Andrey Sobolev was placed 8th and Stas Detkov was placed 9th. If we keep this momentum there is no reason not to expect first men medal on March 3, 2012 homeland event.

Especially now that it will be held on a new venue, holding maximum number of spectators for three years of holding these events, in Luzhniki stadium where 60 meters high and more than 200 meters long artificial ramp was installed that athletes are already familiar with. And the more there are spectators the greater support for Russian athletes will be on the third in a row World Cup PSL event in Moscow!

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