Snowboard European Cup Sochi-2012


Test Events at Olympic Venues of Sochi
Winter Season 2011-2012
Information for Media Representatives

Dear Media Representatives,
We are happy to welcome you to the international Test events in Sochi in 2012. You may find all information about the competitions, accommodation, transportation to and from the venue, etc. on this website, so please, check it for possible updates.

Below you will find the most essential information about visiting the international Test events in Sochi in 2012 such as media accreditation and Russian visa application procedures.


We kindly ask you to appoint person for your media organization who will manage the application process of all its representatives.

To apply for accreditation you’ll need to fill out the On-line application form. Thus you’ll provide the OC with all data needed both for accreditation and visa support, so please make sure that you fill it out properly.
On-line media must meet the following additional requirements:

  • The web publication must belong to a registered company, such as a media organization, and have a specific, verifiable non-web address and a telephone number.
  • The online journal requesting accreditation for its correspondent must have a substantial amount of original news content or commentary or analysis on sports and/or international issues.


  • after your request has been processed by the OC’s responsible department you will receive a notification via e-mail;
  • bearers of FIS seasonal accreditation cards will receive an additional badge from the OC for venue access;
  • all badges will be handed over to team/group representatives upon arrival and are absolutely necessary for entering the venue.

Visa Support

In order to enter Russia most foreign citizens require a valid Russian visa. The Organizer provides visa support for the participants of the test events in Sochi who need an invitation to apply for a visa. Below you will find our ‘Visa Application Guide’ created for your reference.

Visas for non-Russian citizens are issued by Russian consulates all over the world. To receive a visa you need to apply for it filing a complete visa application package that will include various documents depending on your citizenship and local regulations.

Under decisions of the Consulate Department of the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA) special regulations will be in force for the Sochi test events participants between the 10 January and the 10 February 2012, which will make the application procedure as fast and easy as possible, allowing you to apply and receive your visa on the same day. The OC will also make sure your applications are handled promptly, although beware of the fact that visa support processing may in some cases still take several days. Since your original travel passport is always a part of the application package, we would kindly advise you to organize your visa application process considering your own travel schedules.

Here is the step-by-step description of the process of applying for Russian visa:

Step 1 - Information

Check specific regulations for applying for Russian visa for citizens of country of your citizenship and for the applicants of the Russian consulate you will apply at. Contacts of Russian consulates can be found at the MFA website.

Step 2 - Invitation

To request a visa invitation (also called visa support) please ask for it in the Comments field or in your e-mail when you submit the On-line application form or the attached spreadsheet.
Irrespectively of the way you submit your request, the following data/documents would need to be provided to the OC (for every applicant):

  • First name
  • Second name 
  • Gender (male/female)
  • Citizenship
  • Passport number
  • Passport issue details: authority/ location
  • Passport issue and expiry dates: dd/mm/yyyy
  • Date of birth: dd/mm/yyyy
  • Full home address (permanent residence)
  • Employer/organization details (organization name and contacts)
  • job title
  • Arrival and departure details (FIS charter flights or other travel arrangements)
  • Date of arrival to Sochi: dd/mm/yyyy
  • Date of departure from Sochi: dd/mm/yyyy
  • Dates of arrival and departure to Moscow if visiting in Moscow sport events: dd/mm/yyyy
  • address of the Russian consulate where application will be submitted

Note: if you are planning to visit Moscow sport events as media representative too, that must be indicated in the application form to ensure the issue of appropriate visa invitation.

Step 3 – Application

Prepare visa application package(s): fill out consulate application forms, collect necessary documents as stated on the consulate website, and pay the consular fee. Then submit the complete package(s) to the consulate.

Application package check-list:

  • Invitation – (or visa support) a letter you get from the OC and aubmit to the Russian consulate;
  • Passport – original documet, no copies alowed, valid at least until 10.06.2012, with at least one clear page;
  • Photo of you with passport size photo dimensions - check the website of the Russian consulate in your country for other requirements;
  • Visa application – filled out complete – download from the website of the Russian consulate in your country;
  • Consulate-specific documents – like insurance etc. – check the website of the Russian consulate in your country for any specific regulations.

Insurance – if needed – travel insurance valid on the territory of the Russian Federation covering profession-specific risks, medical treatment and costs for transportation from abroad. Make sure that insurance company is approved by the Russian consulate in your country. A list of such companies is usually published on consulate websites.


For the attention of non-Russian journalists. Under the Mass media legislation of the Russian Federation you need to obtain an accreditation from the Ministry of foreign affairs of the Russian Federation to work outside of the Olympic venues. Procedure of obtaining the accreditation and rules of conduct in the Russian Federation for non-Russian journalists can be found here:

All problems and difficulties in regard to the communication with Russian consulates must be reported to the OC immediately.

For non-EU citizens special regulations may be applicable, for example US, UK and Georgia citizens complete a different longer application form and pay a different fee. Some non-EU citizens are allowed to enter Russia without getting a visa according to special international agreements.

When you receive your passport(s) from the Russian consulate, please check if all the data in the visa is correct and inform the OC via phone or e-mail.

We are ready to answer any questions and help to solve any problems  you may have regarding visa application process.Please, send us an e-mail to and copy - or call +7 (903) 211-93-90, Evgenia Sedelnikova.


Participants coming to the airport of Sochi with the FIS charter flights will go through special exit gates, passport and customs control areas, and will be met by the Welcome Team which will take them to the venue/hotels.
Participants with self-organized arrivals will also be picked up from the airport providing they have communicated the following information to the OC in time:

  • Arrival/departure date, time, flight numbers, destination (from/to)
  • Amount of passengers and all names of participants in a group
  • Amount of luggage in pieces and its approximate total weight

Local transportation (shuttle bus service) is provided by the OC for a fixed rate.

Details may vary from country to country. Please, enquire about laws/regulations which may be valid in your case.
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